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MTYT: Immature behaviors come out at the Brunswick DSS meeting

Brunswick County Commissioner Charles Warren needs a time-out.

His behavior at this week's Department of Social Services board meeting was not the most mature for someone in his position.

To recap, Warren, as chair of the DSS board, kicked out one of his fellow board members for attempting to add an item to the agenda.  He said that was out of order.  Then, after deciding to going into executive session, in part to consult with an attorney, he kicked out a reporter from the Brunswick Beacon who pointed out the board didn't have an attorney, and thus had an invalid reason for closed session.

He reminds me of the only kid in the neighborhood having a bat and ball, and being able to shut down the game at anytime he doesn't get his way. 

We know fellow Brunswick commissioners are looking into what, if anything, can be done with Warren's position on the DSS board.  But their hands might be tied.

And it's a shame.  But if these folks can't get along, the ones who will suffer most will be those who need the DSS services.  That's just not right.

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