Crews wrap up bow repair project on the Battleship NC

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – The bow repair project for the Battleship North Carolina has officially wrapped up.

Taylor Brothers Marine Construction completed the project within the contract time frame and under budget, according to a press release from the Battleship NC.

The company constructed a custom-made steel cofferdam which is a wall that surrounds the entire ship to allow water to escape so work can be done in a dry environment.

Now that the bow repair project is complete, the construction company can move forward on a new project to repair the main and forward mast of the ship.

According to a press release, the forward mast repairs will consist of rebuilding the SK2 radar, repairing and adding hand rails for safety, repairing ladders and some structural supports of the mast.  Similar repairs will be made to the main mast.

This project is expected to be complete within 30-60 days and is paid for using the ship's general operation fund.

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