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Real Christmas trees light up your home and the economy

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT)- Frasier Firs, White Pine, Spruce, whatever you fancy, you can find at Christmas tree lots around town during the holiday season.

Christmas trees light up homes with their well known aromas and homemade ornaments.

It takes a lot of work and a lot of love to get the trees from the farms to your home.

Barr Evergreens, located on the corner of College Road and Oleander Drive, is the oldest Christmas tree lot in Wilmington. The trees come from West Jefferson, North Carolina.

Phil Worth, manager of Barr Evergreens, says the trees we buy are at least ten years old.

"A seed is five years old before it's big enough to put in the fields. From there it takes another eight to ten years to have a tree tall enough to go to market."

Growing a tree requires constant supervision, with lots of water and lots of shaping. Every year the farmer must maintain the shape of the tree so that it grows nice and full and has that traditional Christmas tree shape.

There are several advantages to having a real tree, says Worth.

"Not only are you supporting the farmers of North Carolina, you are also boosting the local economy because we give seasonal jobs to several employees" said Worth.

Real trees are completely recyclable, and they are grown in the United States on thousands of farms that employ an estimated 100,000 people.

Until their time comes to be cut, the excess trees will recycle the air, purify groundwater, stabilize the soil, and provide homes for birds, mammals, and insects.

Once the holidays are over, real Christmas trees can be recycled, often for free.

"They can be used for all kinds of things," said Worth. Some people use them as fish habitats, as heron nesting grounds, to prevent beach erosion, and to preserve freshwater marshes.

Barr Evergreens doesn't let any part of the tree go to waste. With the excess branches, they make wreaths, centerpieces, and garland. To visit the lot or learn more about the business of Christmas trees, call (910) 793-0633.

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