Police take class on special medical training for dogs

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WECT) - Police officers from all over the area got some special training that will not only help them, but also their canine companions on Saturday.

The officers say it's valuable training they couldn't get elsewhere, and anything that could potentially help save the lives of their four-legged friends is a good thing.

Any time one of the dogs requires immediate medical help, officers have to serve as first responders.

Paul McNamara, a veterinarian from New York, travels around teaching cops how to handle situations that they may encounter while on duty. McNamara taught the Brunswick officers special skills like doggy CPR and ways to handle other medical issues.

"They're members of our family," said Sgt. Jason Cummings of the dogs. "They're members of our police department, so it's very important for us to know if something does happen and they're put in harm's way that we have a place to go to possibly save their life."

The training comes several months after a Brunswick County dog named Viper died in the line of duty when he discovered a kilo of cocaine.

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