New Law Creates Long Lines at the DMV

Starting Monday, it will be more difficult to get a North Carolina driver's license. That's thanks to a new law aimed at keeping drivers licenses out of the hands of terrorists.

But it's leaving many people confused about its impact and just plain frustrated.

They were told to wait a few minutes, but it seemed more like an eternity to those waiting in line to get a driver's license.

Tired legs and frustrated souls jam the stuffy room, in lines that snake through the space.

"It's hot in here and they don't allow drinks," said Yulia Blankenship. "Maybe they need more seats because it's painful to stand in line for all those hours."

All the frustrated customers because of "Operation Stop Fraud," the new law that will limit identification forms the DMV accepts from applicants for a North Carolina license.

"I have class and I have to go home and study," said Ebony James."So I'm a little irritated right now."

The DMV says there's been a lot of confusion about what this new law means, causing people to wait in lines for up to three hours.

"If they don't get a license by the end of the week then they can't get one at all," said Nikki Broome, a senior inspector with the DMV. "That's not true. If they're established in our system at all with an ID card, a license, anything, then they're o-k."

Tired workers continued getting their customers through the line and finally on their way -- even if it was hours later.

Reported by Sara Straeten,