See, Click, Fix: Potholes and poor drainage

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - A viewer submitted a concern to the See, Click, Fix section of about pot holes and drainage grates on William Louis Drive in Wilmington.

Gloria said the street needs paving and there needs to be a larger drainage "gate" to allow rain water to drain properly.  She says rain is backing up in her yard and driveway and hopes it can be diverted.

The North Carolina Department of Transportation was contacted and part of the problem can be fixed.

"At the address provided, the roadway is maintained by the Department. However, the roadway from Brandy Court to a point 500 feet of west of Cheryl Lane is not maintained by the Department," explained Gerard M. Taylor, County Maintenance Engineer, North Carolina Department of Transportation - Division of Highways.

Taylor said the department will review the section they maintain and schedule any necessary corrective measures.

"As to the grate, they meet maximum inlet design," said Taylor.  "The inlet is a balance between letting water in and safety; in so much as keeping a small child's foot to a car from falling into the drainage structure. During normal rain events the grate will work fine, however, during an extreme event localized urban flooding will occur. Additionally, by law one cannot divert water."

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