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Local woman enters "America's Top Trail Horse" competition

BLADEN COUNTY (WECT) - The next season of American Idol gets underway in January. But right now, there is a competition, similar to the Fox hit show, only this one has horses and their trainers as contestants.

Across the western part of the United States, thousands of mustangs are running wild.   

This mustang was one of them, untouched by human hands for over six years, before being adopted by Mary Jordan of Bladen County. Jordan had just 100 days to train this four-legged beauty and competed against over 100 other mustangs in the Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover contest in Texas last year. Her mustang, which she named Lindsay's Faith, finished 17th.

Now, she and Lindsay's Faith are involved in another national competition, a reality TV program, called "America's Favorite Trail Horse." 

"The filming of America's Favorite Trail Horse was only one year after we had gotten gentled Lindsay's Faith, and I thought it was cool to have that opportunity to show people what these mustangs can do and trust in that short period of time," Jordan said. 

In the America's favorite trail horse competition, a total of 100 horses and their trainers have been featured, 10 of them per week, with one being selected as a weekly winner. Jordan and Lindsay's Faith won their weekly competition, episode number nine and a $5,000 prize, when they were featured a couple of weeks ago.  

Now, it's on to the next stage, the 10 weekly winners have advanced onto the top 10 finals. Viewers will decide the three best trail horses in on-line voting, which begins tonight. 

"The biggest thing is the recognition for us, because these horses are so special, they give you an incredible amount of trust and my mission is to really show America that these horses are worthy of our time and energy" said Jordan. 

And like American Idol, the top prize is pretty good, thirty thousand dollars.  So we wish good luck to Jordan and Lindsay's Faith as they continue their quest to be named "America's Favorite Trail Horse. 

The actual voting will begin at 8 p.m. and continue until Thursday at 9 p.m.  You can vote at www.actha.tv. The contest allows for 10 votes per computer.   

We'll let you know, as soon as we know, if Jordan and Lindsay's Faith are winners. 

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