Southern style pan gravy

Ingredients: yields 20 oz/ serves 10                                     

  • Fresh chicken or turkey giblets and neck - 1 pack from whole bird
  • bacon strips, diced (optional) - 3 strips
  • cooking oil (optional) - 1/3 C
  • AP flour - 1/2 C
  • chicken stock - 1 pint
  • salt and pepper to taste


1. Gather all ingredients and  saute pan

2. Put saute pan on med-high heat and add oil or diced bacon pieces once pan is hot

3. Add turkey or chicken giblets and neck and sear on all sides until completely browned

4. Add flour to pan and whisk into fat until incorporated (it will be wet sand consistency)

5. Saute for 3-5 minutes before adding chicken stock

6. Add stock and whisk together until completely blended, and continue to cook on          medium heat until proper thickness is desired

7. Strain gravy, season, and serve