Residents vote in Tar Heel, despite blank ballot

BLADEN COUNTY, NC (WECT) – A blank ballot didn't keep Tar Heel residents from voting during the municipal elections Tuesday.

With a population of 117, residents say their town is no joke and that people do care about public service.

Most residents expected Roy Dew to be a successful write-in mayoral candidate, and they were right.  Dew, who recently moved to Tar Heel, won a majority of the write-in votes.

The Board of Elections will now have to contact Dew to see if he is willing to serve as the town's mayor.  If Dew does not want to serve, officials will check in with Phil Allen who also received several write-in votes.

As far as city council, Sam Allen, Angie Hall and Amy White won the majority of the write-in votes for town council.  They will also be contacted to see if they are willing to accept the position.

Mayor Ricky Martin's last day in office is December 6.

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