See, Click, Fix: Overgrown shrubs cause problems

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Marci posted a problem with overgrown shrubs on the See, Click, Fix site on

The problem is at the intersection of Wellington and Silver Stream Lane in Wilmington. The post reads:

You can't walk on the sidewalk due to neglected shrubs. I've called the City about it and still nothing has been done.

The real estate company that is trying to rent the property should get out there and clean it up. If not, the city should clean it up and send the owners the bill for it.

I know that there are other more pressing issues to be concerned with and maybe I should take the time and go clean it up myself, yet I work 40 hours a week and do my share of volunteer work in the community.

I would really appreciate it if this was taken care of. My co-workers from Coastal Horizons like walking on our lunch break(to stay healthy productive workers) and it is just a mess.
Please clean it up!!!

The city of Wilmington was notified and they did send someone out to inspect the problem.

"We inspected the Wellington Ave/Silver Stream Lane intersection a few weeks ago when the initial complaint came in and re-inspected this week. Our Code Enforcement officers did find a valid complaint and code violation. Notices to the property owners will be prepared and mailed next week. Keep in mind it takes several weeks for the complaint to work its way through the process - the property owner responsible for the violation will be given time to clean up before any fine is issued. In cases like this, the city contacts the property owner to let them know how they can come into compliance and how much time they have to address the situation. We do this instead of just cleaning up/addressing the issue right then and there. That may seem slow or inefficient on the face of it, but it's really the opposite. Just imagine if the city tried to get around town to clean up overgrown shrubs, piles of debris or illegally dumped trash whenever a complaint was made, but property owners were not held accountable. Pretty soon, all the city workers would be doing would be responding to complaints and property owners would not have any incentive to comply with city code. At the same time, paying customers who followed the rules would be penalized because city workers were too busy cleaning up code violations to provide timely service," said Malissa Talbert, Public Information Officer for the city of Wilmington.

It may take several weeks but this problem should eventually be fixed.

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