Buzz begins over 'Iron Man 3' coming to Hollywood East

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – 'Iron Man 3' is the talk of the town in Wilmington.

The film is expected to inject $80 million into the area's economy. Some businesses are hoping to see that boost before production even begins.

At Memory Lane Comics, the buzz has been building for weeks – when rumors of the production started swirling.

Thursday, it was made official.

Now, the store is gearing up for a boost in business.

Jake Motsinger owns the store.

He said his hope is that interest in the movie will mean more fans of the film will come in to buy Iron Man memorabilia.

He's also hopeful that the local production will generate new comic book fans.

Motsinger thinks the excitement will only build as the film gets closer to production.

"These movies tend to bring in a lot of people to the area so I'm hoping crew comes and checks us out or people want to come in and see some Iron Man stuff."

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