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Sex offenders ordered to keep "lights out" on Halloween

NEW HANOVER AND PENDER COUNTIES (WECT) - Parents can rest easier this Halloween knowing that their children can trick-or-treat without having to worry about the danger of registered sex offenders.

According to Jean Walker, Judicial District Manager for Parole and Probation in New Hanover and Pender Counties,  officers will be enforcing "Operation Lights Out" this Halloween.

This means registered sex offenders cannot participate in Halloween in any way. They are forbidden from decorating their homes and are highly discouraged from doing anything that would attract the attention of children. The sex offenders must have their lights out and cannot answer the door on Monday night, unless their probation officer comes knocking.

Parole and Probation will have 12 officers patrolling on Halloween night checking on the 71 sex offenders in New Hanover County and the 23 in Pender County. Officers will be ensuring that the sex offenders  aren't partaking in Halloween activities by visiting each offender's home, place of work and/or treatment class.

Some centers offer treatment classes to keep the offenders from being at their home during trick-or-treating.

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