Big Screen Action

Big screen TV's everywhere, service, food, and excitement. Who needs to be at the game when you have all that?

Crowds of Seahawk and Tarheel fans packed into Buffalo Wild Wings in Wilmington Sunday afternoon. The owner of the restaurant said about 150 fans were waiting out front hours before they even opened.

It's the next best thing if you were like the hundreds who couldn't get tickets. Bryan Tye said, "I tried for a month to get some [tickets], but they were sold out. I'm glad I got a place like this to watch [the game]."

Tickets to the game were going for as much as $100.00 each. Some fans said they would pay that much to be in the stands.

The seats at Buffalo Wild Wings were free, but were also hard to find.

One fan had a game plan for getting a chair, "Some people aren't into the game and they'll get bored and leave... so that's the seat you have to snatch up."

The atmosphere is just as exciting as if you were there, and the big screen TV's make it feel like you just might be there.

Reported by Maggie Alexander. E-mail: