Port City Shootings

Wilmington police are investigating two separate shootings. According to authorities, the first victim says he went to Ruth's Market at the corner of Rankin and Anderson about 11 o'clock Thursday night, when he was shot in the right calf. He says he then walked about block and half away to north 10th Street where he called 911. The victim was rushed to the hospital; his injuries are not life threatening.  Police say he is "not" cooperating with their investigation but they have issued arrest warrants in this case.

Police are also investigating another shooting in Wilmington. Authorities say several men were drinking inside of a home on the 1200 block of 6th Street when three armed men robbed the place about 4:30 am. During the robbery three people were shot. Two of the injuries did not appear to be life threatening, but one victim's injuries appeared to be very serious. Police are continuing their investigation in this case.