Theaters Experience Christmas Rush

Why on Christmas are so many flocking to the movie theaters? Movie-goers at Carmike Cinemas in Wilmington say, they just didn't want to be in the house all day.

Some customers were expecting a relaxing and entertaining movie after the hectic long lines of holiday shopping, but instead, they experienced more long lines and sold out shows.

One person said they waited in line about a half an hour, and luckily the movie they came to see was available.

Other people came to see shows that were sold out, and had to come back at later times.

One of the biggest sellers at Carmike Cinemas in Wilmington was the new Nicole Kidman movie, "Cold Mountain".

Dennis DeBock the general manager of Carmike Cinemas says, Christmas is one of the busiest days for the movie theater.

Reported By: Maggie Alexander. E-mail