Low Carb Craze

It's the latest health craze - low carb diets. TJIFriday's recently introduced their new Atkins menu.

Wilmington resident, Rita Faulkner lost 50 pounds on a low carb diet, and she says these new menu options are long over due.

Many other local restaurants are scrambling to meet the demand of food with less carbs and more protein.

 Hardees now offers a burger wrapped in lettuce, along with Burger King who is advertising a low-carb burger of their own. You can also choose from six different low-carb wraps from Ruby Tuesdays.

But what about the taste?

Many dieters say low-carb foods don't compromise taste, it is simply a healthier way of living.

More than 32 million Americans are on a low-carbohydrate diet, and that number is expected to rise with the new year - but one local health expert warns a diet needs to be balanced. A lack of carbohydrates could result in low energy levels.

But restaurants are seeing a rise in customer satisfaction, and that is the bottom line.

Reported By Nicole Konkal : Nkonkal@wect.com