Lee Malvo sentenced to life in prison

Sketches by Art Lien
Sketches by Art Lien
A jury in Chesapeake, Virginia has decided on a sentence of life in prison for 18-year-old sniper Lee Malvo.
Shedding tears and showing anger, victims' families say they're unhappy with the life sentence for convicted D-C area sniper Lee Malvo.

Victoria Buchanan Snyder, who lost a brother, became emotional as she described her disappointment, saying she can't think of another case more deserving of the death penalty.

Vijay Walekar also lost a brother. He says he went through pain and suffering throughout the trial, saying jurors should have voted for death.

Another Virginia jury had already recommended a death sentence for the first man convicted in last year's Washington-area sniper attacks, John Muhammad.
Malvo showed no reaction to the decision. Wearing a blue sweater, he sat with his elbows on the table as it was announced. The jury took eight and a-half hours over two days to decide between the death penalty and life in prison.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.