Two years later: CB mayoral candidate's property still out of compliance

CAROLINA BEACH, NC (Fox Wilmington) - An SBI investigation into three elected officials in Carolina Beach focuses on receiving money for votes and conflicts of interest with property around town. But one of the accused, current Town Councilman and mayoral candidate Dan Wilcox, has some issues with his own property as well.

Wilcox's property at 614 Monroe Avenue has not met the town's zoning standards for almost two years, according to the property's Planning and Development file. It all started after someone filed a complaint in November 2009.

A woman told Planning and Development that Wilcox evicted her from an garage apartment on the property. She said she had to pay $600 in cash, and wanted the complaint to be anonymous for fear of repercussions.

A garage is considered an accessory property, making it illegal to be occupied, leased, rented or used for profit, according to town standards adopted in February 2009.

The town issued a warning to Wilcox in April 2010 for his illegal activity, but there is no record of an actual citation. Public record shows communication between the Planning Department and Wilcox, a contractor by profession and former Planning Committee Chairman, to remedy the situation.

After signing an affidavit saying he would not use the accessory space for home occupation, Wilcox applied for a new building permit. The permit reads that he would attach the garage apartment to the main house, thereby creating one principle building.

The construction, inspection and approval process took longer than the allotted 90 days. The Planning Department eventually warned Wilcox about the still non-compliant structure in May 2011, but granted another extension. Department Director Gary Ferguson said he could not talk about the property specifically, but said extensions are granted as long as the homeowner is working with the town to come within compliance.

Another warning and extension was issued in July 2011 to last until the end of August. There are still no citations attached to the 614 file, but Town Manager Tim Owens said the property's zoning problem is pending final approval.

Dan Wilcox was unavailable for comment on this story.

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