Carelessness Causes Fire

Carelessness is being blamed for a fire that destroyed a home on the corner of Dock and 12th streets in Wilmington Friday afternoon.

Fire officials say the owner, Lewis McIntyre, put gasoline in his kerosene heater.

When he lit the match, it exploded, engulfing the home in flames.

The home was destroyed.

McIntyre was taken to the hospital with first-degree burns on his hands. His son was also home at the time, but it is not known if he was injured.

The Red Cross and relatives are helping to make sure the family has a place to stay for the holidays.

Fire officials say with the cold weather, many people using kerosene heaters need to be cautious. Herman Born, a fire inspector says the home owner said he knew he shouldn't have used the gasoline in his kerosene heater, but by the time he realized it, it was too late.

Reported By: Maggie Alexander  e-mail: