Tracking Santa

Now that you've got a head start on your Christmas shopping, it's time to get ready for that Christmas Eve trip by the man in the red suit. NORAD traditionally has tracked Santa's trip across North America, and that tracking is now online ( Click on the "English" site, and you'll come across Christmas music to listen to as well some declassified photos that show he hasn't changed much over the years.

Among other things on this can check to see if you've made the naughty or nice list when you enter the online village. If you're looking for a little improvement, there's hints on how to make the "nice" list, but also warnings on how to make the "naughty" list. You can also check out the latest news from the North Pole when you visit "Santa's house".

Santa's always delivered the latest in technology to some, and now he's got it on board his sleigh. Check out this site--they offer a downloadable program for a fee that will give you Santa's GPS coordinates so you can find out just exactly how far away he is from your house.

For This Week in Geek, I'm Mark Avery.