Wright Brothers

Today, at Kitty Hawk, thousands are preparing to celebrate the first century flight.

What may be just as interesting as what President Bush announces there later this morning, is the planned reenactment of the Wright Brothers Historic flight.

Sky divers a one-point-two million dollar replica of the Wright Brothers flyer will attempt to make the same flight the brothers made on December 17th, 1903 at precisely the same hour.. 10:35 eastern.

An Orville Wright look-alike and aviator from Rochester, New York will be at the controls. The Wright Brothers of course had only a minor mechanical engineering background from their bicycle shop back in dayton.. But an insatiable curiosity about flying. And no financial backing.

Corporate gifts in the millions are behind the six day celebration at the Wright Brothers Memorial... Where historians continue the debate over how much the brothers realized what their invention would become.. And whether they ever suspected it would take man from here to there.

The moon is what President Bush is expected to address here in his comments later this morning.. Specifically that he wants the U-S Space Program to resume manned flights to the moon.