Saddam Captured

A haggard and disheveled-looking Saddam Hussein is in U-S custody.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we got him," l. Paul Bremer, Head of the Coalition Provisional Authority, announced yesterday morning at a news conference in Baghdad.

At another news conference shortly after noon President Bush cautioned that Saddam's capture doesn't mean the end of violence in Iraq, where he says U-S forces will still face terrorists. But the President says the Iraqi people will never have to fear the rule of Saddam again. He says the arrest will prove vital to the rise of a "free Iraq." U-S officials say they still haven't decided what to do with Hussein now that he's been captured. One option is to put him before a special tribunal established in Iraq just days ago. It was designed to try top members of Saddam's regime for genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity. One member of Iraq's governing council says Saddam should face a public trial, so the Iraqi people will know his crimes.