See,Click,Fix: lights out at local tennis court

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Sheryl wanted the lights at the tennis courts in Ogden fixed so she posted the problem on the See, Click, Fix site on

The post reads: "Light is out on new courts, in back left corner. This light was out several months ago and I noticed last week and again last night that it's still out. It's impossible to see well on that end of the tennis court at night. This needs to be fixed. I've complained about it to a few people I thought may be able to get it taken care of but no luck yet. It's crazy to have those nice new courts without fixing a lighting problem on them!"

The problem was sent to the New Hanover County Parks, Gardens and Senior Resources Department. According to them it will be fixed.

"The light has been removed and will be replaced as soon as a new one comes from the manufacturer. It was one of several that were struck by lightning," said Jim McDaniel, New Hanover County Parks, Gardens and Senior Resources Director.

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