Higher Tuition?

Tuition at U-N-C-W is going up. The board of trustees met for hours today before settling on a tuition hike that will force every student, every parent, to dig a little deeper.

This is the second time this year the Board of Trustees has voted to increase tuition for students. They say the university is at risk of losing its caliber status if they don't.

Three hundred and sixty-dollars dollars more a year is what students will be expected to pay for an education at U-N-C-W. And an additional fifty-six dollars in student fees.

The board argues the money is needed to keep top quality teachers and to keep the student-faculty ratio low. With the more than 17-million dollars the university lost due to budget cuts over the last five years, the board says the money has to come from somewhere. Some students say the bottom line is that the tuition hike hurts.

The U-N-C board of governors and state lawmakers still must approve the trustees' decision. It's possible, but unlikely, that they'll eliminate the tuition hike. Certainly that's what students are hoping for.