Does it Work? Text Hook

PERRYVILLE, MO (KFVS) - Stay plugged in no matter where you go.  After all, makers of Text Hook say it's the "Dashboard for your mobile life."

Rodney Sadler's not so sure.

"Not sure if that's absolutely necessary. We'll see."

Rodney manages the gym at the Perry Park Center. Right now, he can't manage to get his Samsung Infuse cell phone into the Text Hook, even though it's one of the models it's supposed to fit.

"Just seems to be too big."

There's one strike against the Text Hook, but the iPhone fits. Rodney's just not so sure this fits into his workout routine.

"So, you feel all thumbs?" I ask him. "

Yes, absolutely."

The Text Hook rotates, but it still feels awkward to use, says Rodney. However, he says the Velcro straps seem secure. He questions whether hard-core running and some time could knock this smart phone holder right off the handle bars.

"I'm still not sure it's something I need."

He admits he could watch videos from his phone with this; texting doesn't come as easily. Still, we have to make this point.

"It's just as easy to pop it out and prop it on the display of the treadmill."

"I'd probably give it a 'D'. It does hold, but it's not necessary."

Well then, let's take it for a stroll...literally...just like the makers intend this to be used for.

I place it on my child's stroller. I find it works quite well, but maybe a little too well. If I'm texting while strolling and my daughter was actually sitting in the stroller, I would not be focused on her. I'd be caught up in texting!

Mom, Becky Angle agrees.

"I don't think I would text and stroll."

However, walking like this got us thinking about one case this hook might come in handy.

"Maybe for shopping? I do keep my grocery list on my phone, that'd be handy. I'd only pay $15 for this though. Not $25," said Angle.

So, the Text Hook works. It just may not work into your life. So, we'll meet in the middle of the road and give it a 'C' on this Does it Work test.

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