Gift cards could cost you

Gift certificates are a great holiday gift, especially for that hard to buy someone, but if you don't read the fine print, your gift could amount to nothing.

Belk gift cards charge a fee of $2.10 if it's not used with in 24 months.

Same applies for Wal-Mart and Sam's Club. Their gift cards take off $1.00 a month after two years.

"Edge of Urge," a Wilmington shop, puts a six month expiration on their gift certificates. But unlike national chains, if you miss the six month deadline, they'll still redeem it.

As of April 1, J.C. Penney made their gift cards redeemable forever.

And if you don't like what they have, you can spend the money at Eckerd's Drug Stores.

Reading the fine print could save you from a lot of holiday headaches this year.