See, Click, Fix: Painted lines needed on Wilmington road

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - A viewer posted a couple problems, on the See,Click,Fix site at All of them had to do with Wood Sorrell Road in the King's Grant Subdivision.

The post reads: Traffic lines need to be painted on Wood Sorrell Road. Speed limit needs to be more visible and set at 35. This is used as cut through and pets have been hit as well as accidents from the wide road encouraging speeding.

The North Carolina Department of Transportation sent crews out to look at the request. They say lines won't be painted on the road because it doesn't see 5,000 vehicles a day so it is considered a low volume road in a subdivision.

Katherine Hite a division traffic engineer with the NCDOT said the department has conducted a site visit to this location in which they confirmed there are subdivision wide speed limit signs (35 mph) at each entrance to the community.

"Vegetation was noted to be growing over one of the speed limit signs, and this has been removed to improve visibility," explained Hite.  "It is not a standard practice for the Department to paint centerlines on low-volume subdivision roads.  Typically, a road qualifies for striping if is a collector road and it carries at least 5,000 vehicles per day.  A good example of this type of road is White Road. "

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