Five Year old Girl Dies after Flu Medicine Overdose

Lauren Wiggins was a kindergartener in South Charlotte. A couple of weeks ago she came down with the flu and was taking medicine.

She died a week ago, apparently killed by the medicine that was supposed to comfort her.

Her death now serves as a warning to parents that might unknowingly give deadly doses of over-the-counter medications to their children.

The drug is called Acetaminophen, more commonly known as Tylenol. Wilmington Pharmacist, Gaye Moseman, says it is a drug parents need to be aware of, especially with the current flu outbreak.

She says just because a drug is over-the counter, it is still a controlled substance. Many popular children's flu medications contain Tylenol, and when they are taken on top of each other, they could be deadly.

Sometimes parents double or triple dosages of Tylenol without intending to.  The drug can not be taken for a prolonged time, a fact Lauren Wiggins parents weren't aware of.

Reported By: Nicole Konka