The Golden Knights take WECT skydiving

The United States Army Parachute Team, better known as the Golden Knights, are ranked top in the world.

Their job is to represent our country as they jump out of planes and perform a series of complicated formations.

Both the men's and women's skydiving teams have proven they've got what it takes to be the best. They invited WECT out to their training ground to get a first hand look.

The Golden Knights are officially stationed at Fort Bragg, but they do the majority of their practices at the Laurinburg Maxton Airport Industrial Park.

They log hours of practice on the ground before heading up in the air.

"Every day-weather permitting of course-the entire year," said Laura Dizkneyer, member of the women's four way team.

Dikneyer never imagined that jumping out of planes would one day become her job.

"My first time I had no idea what I was getting into, really wasn't scared, had no idea what was going on. The second time I was terrified."

But Dizkneyer, along with the rest of the Golden Knights, has overcome her fear of falling. She credits the success of the Golden Knights to their outstanding teamwork.

"You can take four random people and put them together. Even if they are really good, their score wouldn't be as good as a team that's been training together and knows each other's ins and outs and sees each other every single day."

Matt Davidson, member of the men's eight way team, agrees. "You're not just focused about yourself, you're worried about your teammates performance and doing whatever you can do to help a teammate out."

During a competition, each team is given a series of formations they must complete during the jump. They get points for each one they do. All of this happens in just minutes. And when you are hurling through the air so fast you can barely breath, every movement feels like a miracle.

"When everything is just right it's really a magical moment," said Davidson.

While some may consider sky diving crazy, the Golden Knights say they are the lucky ones.

"I wouldn't trade this job or my life in the army for anything in the world," said Dizkneyer.

Over the past 52 years, the team has broken 348 world records. The next chance for the Golden Knights to break a record will be in October, at the US Nationals competition.

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