Wilmington Tailor Found Guilty

Local tailor Insoo Kim was convicted Friday morning of four counts of assault on a female.

One of those victims, Laura Mahn, says she testified because of the way Kim made her feel when she entered his shop over a year ago. At the time of the assaults, Kim was on probation for a similar offense.

Kim was joined in court by his wife and about a dozen supporters. An interpreter communicated with the Korean native as Judge Rebecca Blackmore read Kim's sentence. Amung the stipulations, sixty days in jail, a phycological evaluation, a $5,000 fine, and a $50,000 bond.

His attorney is filing an appeal. That means the jail time and fine are pending a new jury trial.

Once Kim is out of jail, he can return to his shop as a tailor under the condition another person, other than a family member, must be present in order for Kim to conduct alteration fittings on a female.

Kim's troubles don't end with his appeal on these convictions. He is also facing a felony charge for indecent liberties. This time, the accuser is a minor.

The appeal trial should happen sometime in January, but Kim will be back in court on Monday for a hearing on the felony charges involving the female minor.

Reported By Nicole Konkal: Nkonkal@wect.com