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Animal rehab improves quality of life for pets and owners

Any pet owner will tell you that when their animal suffers, so do they.

It's hard to see your pet hurting from an injury, or not moving around as well as they used to.

Animal rehab just may be the solution to the problem.

Helping man and his best friend is Dianne Logan's job. As a registered vet technician and canine rehabilitation practitioner, Logan meets with pets and their owners to improve their mobility and strength.

Logan works with the Wilmington Animal Fitness and Rehabilitation Center out of the Needham Animal Hospital in Wilmington.

"When rehab is done, in my opinion, it helps the animal and it helps the owners," said Logan.

Aqua therapy, often done on underwater treadmills, gives dogs such as Spot the strength to keep up his energetic lifestyle.

Spot's owner Patrick Argo noticed a difference after two weeks.

"He's definitely been more active, going in and out of our house we have steps, he's getting up and down steps a lot better."

Every pet owner who stopped by Needham Animal Hospital Thursday morning agreed that as their pooches start to live a better life, so do they.

"You worry about them, they are like our kids, anytime he looks like he is feeling better or moving around better, it makes you feel better," said Argo.

After certain surgeries or injuries, animals won't use their limbs anymore. And they can't walk if they don't get trained on how to use them again.

"You are going to end up with an animal with more arthritis, with a larger recovery time, and more pain and suffering, if you don't do rehab," said Logan.

But the best part is that the animals don't look at rehab as work.

With a big grin on their faces, the animals happily go through the motions.

"Most of them like it, I do push them, but not too far, and that's the whole point of rehab," said Logan.

Each of the patients is treated using a specific treatment plan designed by a certified rehabilitation practitioner. Services include laser therapy, aqua therapy, land treadmills, massage therapy, and more.

To contact Dianne Logan, call (910) 398-6436 or email

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