Council not told about Carter firm connection, says Thompson

Acting Police Chief Tandy Carter was a member of the Police Executive Research Forum long before the city hired that firm to evaluate the department Carter commands.

Councilman Jason Thompson says the city manager never revealed that to the council when he recommended the firm.

"Disclosure makes it look like everything is out in the open," Thompson said. "Not disclosing makes it look like you have somet

Thompson says he would not have supported the firm had he known of Carter's affiliation. And some officers are questioning whether the firm's findings will be even-handed.

But Councilwoman Laura Padgett says the Carter connection is irrelevant, and points out he's not tied to the branch of the firm evaluating his department.

"I can empathize with the rank and file from the department," Padgett said. "but I think they can understand we're looking for the best expertise to run th

Thompson says this process should have been handled more carefully.

"I will stress to the city manager and staff I want all of the information available to them before I make decisions in the future," Thompson said. "and I think the rest of the council will go alo

Thompson says the city will probably keep the firm, but when the study is over, some in the department will be suspicious of the findings, whatever they are.