Sick firefighters blame mold in station

Some Wilmington firefighters say they're getting sick on the job, and they blame mold growing at their fire station. On Wednesday Wilmington Safety Director, Robert Stagz, looked at what used to be mold inside a fire station that is now cleaned up. But firefighters ask, if the mold is gone, why are they still getting sick at work?

Over the past two weeks, about a dozen fire fighters from the Empie Park Fire Station had to seek medical attention. The fire fighters were instructed not to talk to the media on camera, but they did say that the on-going mold problem in the building is what's making them sick. A home video left anonymously at our main studio on Shipyard Blvd. appears to show the extent of the mold. In October, the station was closed so the air inside could be tested and measures taken to eliminate the mold. But the firefighters say when they returned to work, some of them started getting sick again. Since then, the city has paid for fire-fighters who have the allergy-like symptoms to see a doctor and get medicine. Skaggs recognizes the problem may return, but he says the latest test results reveal the mold is gone.

Reported by Nicole Konkal: