Burger King employees still waiting for pay

Burger King is telling its Wilmington employees they will eventually be paid, but that's not the news the cash-hungry workers want to hear.

Employees were supposed to get paid Friday but still haven't received their paychecks.

The Burger Kings are owned by Westwind Group North Carolina, Inc., one of the nation's largest operators of Burger King franchises.

Neil Thompson worked at the Ogden restaurant on Market Street, and says he's having a tough time making ends meet.

Westwind is filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and needs a judge's permission to cut the paychecks.

The request should go before a San Diego judge Tuesday.

Thompson says that's not soon enough for many of the employees who have unpaid bills.

Burger King issued a press release today saying, "All parties affiliated with these restaurants regret any hardship or inconvenience to affected employees."