105th Thanksgiving Celebration

Macel Rice feels young and vigorous at the age of one-hundred-five. When she's not searching the web, you can find her doing exercises at her home in Lake Shore Commons.

She does thirty-five situps a day, finger and arm stretches, and her infamous palm touch to the floor; skills she's grateful for this Thanksgiving.

Macel Rice spent her first holiday season with her husband in a house in downtown Burgaw in the early 1920's and now, over seventy years later, she returns to spend to that same house for her 105th Thanksgiving.

Macel says being at this home in Burgaw again is the best Thanksgiving she could ask for.

She has outlived two husbands--but she is looking for lucky bachelor number three, and says with a grin, "The next one must be young."

She was born in 1898 - and has been through a world of change. She was seventeen when World War I broke out, she has gone from horse and buggies to plane trips around the world. Macel has four children, twelve grandchildren, twenty great grandchildren, and two great great grandchildren.

As the Macel family in Burgaw prepares for tonight's Thanksgiving feast -- she shares her secret to longevity, "Man is god's masterpiece...everyone asks me what my secret is, I just tell them this all snuck up on me."

Reported By: Nicole Konkal Nkonkal@wect.com