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Berger admits to fake suicide attempt

WILMINGTON, N.C. -(WECT)-  New Hanover County Commissioner Brian Berger admitted Thursday night that he cut himself August 29th to make his girlfriend think he was trying to kill himself.

"Because of some things that happened, I needed to hear her say that she cared about me on some level," said Berger.

The embattled commissioner revealed that information following an impromptu news conference Thursday where he reiterated that he is not leaving office.  Wednesday, his fellow commissioners called for his resignation, citing incidents like the mock suicide attempt as distractions to county business.

In an exclusive interview with WECT, Berger said he wanted to get Heather Blaylock's attention and wanted to hear her say she loved him.

"I made a stupid decision about how to go about that and obviously I'm extremely embarrassed about it."

Until Thursday, Berger had repeatedly denied any type of suicide attempt claiming the cut on his arm was an accident.

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