Whiteville pastor was using false name

Authorities in Columbus County say the Whiteville minister arrested for dealing cocaine was using a false name.
A man identifying himself as Joe Nathan Best was arrested last week.
Detective Bobby Benton says the minister's real name is Nathanial Best...and Joe Nathan is the name of his brother.
Joe Nathan drowned in 1979.
Detectives say Nathanial Best was previously arrested in Georgia and Florida and may have adopted the new name to evade prosecution.
The 58-year-old Reverend is minister of El Bethel Holiness Church.
On November 19, Columbus County officials obtained over a quarter-million dollars worth of cocaine from Reverend Best's auto sales store and his home.
Residents in Best's neighborhood were stunned, saying he is a well respected man and a good neighbor.
Officials seized six of Best's cars and spent the night clearing out valuables from his home.
Reverend Best is due back in court next week.