Why Couldn't Fire Fighters Access this Burning Home?

Wednesday relatives recall what happened last night in their isolated Truesdale neighborhood. Harold Davis lives in the neighborhood, just north of Wilmington's Airport. Last night, his brothers house went up in flames.

This is the third fire in this neighborhood deep in the woods in the last three years. This time, fire fighters say, it could have been prevented. Mike Rhodes of the Wrightsboro Volunteer Fire Department says the private driveway leading to the neighborhood is unsafe for fire trucks to travel.

Firefighters were forced to work from Truesdale Road, a long hike from the fire. But this is not the only bridge and country road like this in the area.

We tested out some nearby dirt roads leading to residential homes. Even our news van had a hard time driving down some of the narrow dirt roads. It would be nearly impossible for a fire truck or ambulance to make the same drive. Fire officials say this is a common overlooked problem throughout the county.

They say many people don't think about this problem until something bad happens, such as the fire last night on Truesdale Road.

Both the county and city say these private roads are the responsibility of the people that live there. Davis says regardless of who responsibility it is, he almost lost his brother, and that's hard to accept.

Reported By: Nicole Konkal Nkonkal@wect.com