Healthy Sex

There's no such thing as a fountain of youth. But living longer may start in the bedroom. Recent medical research shows sex can be good for your health. You can live longer if you have frequent sex. It's good for you.

Doctor Barbara Bartlik is a Psychiatrist and Sex Therapist at New York Weil Cornell Medical Center. She said that sex gets your blood pressure up and your pulse up for a short period of time and that's very good for your body in general. Recent studies have shown sex can reduce depression, relieve pain, reduce the risk of prostate cancer and make you less vulnerable to colds and flus. Women may also benefit from sex-induced hormonal changes.

Dr. Bartlik also says that if a woman has frequent sex, at least once a week on a regular basis, she may go through menopause later. Conversely, she said if you don't have sex frequently, you could have menopause earlier. She said the earlier menopause comes, the more likely you are to develop bone problems and cardiovascular problems. Men don't go through menopause, but sex can be healthy for them too.

One study of a thousand men showed those who had more frequent sex had half the death rate of men who had less sexual activity. The physical activity involved in sex is only part of the answer.

Dr. John Mulhall says psychological factors may be even important for longevity. He also says that intimacy is very important for improved relationships and that in the end translates into good health.