Beachside businesses weather storms

CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WECT) - Businesses in Carolina Beach can't seem to catch a break. First a waterspout, then severe thunderstorms, and a possible hurricane on the horizon.

Patrick Wise with Hildebrand Rides said the carnival rides at the boardwalk close down anytime there's heavy rainfall.

"We've got a lot of money invested," said Wise. "So we're definitely worried."

He said there are several rides that will be dismantled if Hurricane Irene is expected to sweep across our shores. Seat sections will be removed from taller riders like the Ferris Wheel, but the actual structure itself will be left standing.

Krazy Kones on the boardwalk isn't going anywhere either. One employee said the store will shut down all the machines if a hurricane comes close.

"We don't take any risks," said Andy Jones. "But we'll stay open until absolutely necessary."

Both businesses said they appreciate any customers who brave the bad weather, but want everyone to stay safe.

"We don't want anyone to endanger themselves," said Jones. "But it hurts this late in the tourist season when people should be down here and they obviously aren't."

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