Hot Flash Lingerie

If you're tired of waking up in the middle of the night because of hot flashes well, there's a solution to that problem. Beverly Beck Ellman and her doctor friend thought it was a great idea to design sleep wear that would help with the night sweating. So they teamed up and created Coolz's, the first sleep wear designed to tackle night sweats for menopausal women. You wake up and have a hot flash and the fabric dries so fast you don't have to wake up and change your shirt, you go right back to sleep. And this sleepwear caught on in a flash. Now they're getting a response from all kinds of people in humid climates, women who are pregnant and women who just get hot at night.

Molly O'Neill's young mother Audrey tried Coolz's after getting night sweats and hot flashes following breast cancer treatment. She was really surprised at what chemo had done to her and how it had put her body into a different temperature. Unable to take hormone therapy, she says Coolz's bedtime wear makes living with hot flashes bearable, even for her husband. O'Neill says he definitely likes these over the big cotton logo tee shirts she would usually wear throughout the night.

Beck Ellman hopes that women everywhere can now hang up on night sweats for good.