Does it Work? Sodastream Re-do

WILMINGTON, NC (WSFX) - The Sodastream makers stand behind their product-- so much so, they sent a representative from New Jersey down to Wilmington after our story aired showing less than favorable results from its machine.

We first tested the Sodastream in July.  The machine can be found in high-end stores like Macy's and Williams-Sonoma.  When we tested it then, the directions told us to listen for three loud beeps in order to carbonate the water.

However, when we taste-tested our soda and fizzy water, everyone said there wasn't enough fizz.

Sodastream makers didn't like that, so they sent down a representative from their corporate office in Cherry Hill, NJ.

Mike Matauic with Sodastream said he could almost guarantee we weren't using the machine correctly.  We begged to differ, but we did want him to prove us wrong.

We tested the machine out again.  During this run, he told us to pump the machine for at least 5 loud beeps for heavily carbonated soda.  He said 1-2 pumps would be good for fizzy water.  3-4 for club soda.  But, he also added that a person can tweek the pumps to his or her liking.

Elli Klein was an original tester.  She said she could feel taste more fizz.  And, in a second taste-off between the Sodastream's Cola version and Coca-Cola revealed a more even result.  Just as many people liked the Cola as they did the Coca-Cola.

The one thing Elli suggests?  Consider changing the directions to make them most user friendly.  She said we followed the directions and would have liked to know a few trade secrets to make the soda more fizzy.

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