Muscular Dystrophy

It's never easy to hear that your child has a serious illness, but imagine having to drive 200 miles in order to get them treatment. This was the case for one local family until a new facility opened in Wilmington. At first it was frustrating as they tried to understand what was going on with their son. Their son had muscular dystrophy. By definition the disease is a group of inherited disorders characterized by the degeneration of muscle fibers. Muscles are replaced by other types of tissue, such as fat or fibrous tissues. And over time...the disease leads to immobility. Soon the family quickly learned that treatment for the disease was not readily available in this area. But now the muscular dystrophy association has provided their son with leg braces that help to keep him mobile. The new center has also given him everything from annual blood tests to physical therapy. While there is no cure for muscular dystrophy, the new facility now offers two things: a chance to stay close to home when he needs treatment. And more importantly, a better life.