Four Period Pill

There's a new pill that is expected to hit the drugstores soon. What's different about this new pill? It allows you to see your period only four times a year. While some women are excited, others are skeptical.

Maria Alanis, wary about new pill: "Do you think that's normal, only four periods per year? Wouldn't it be better with having it every month? That's the way nature is. So how does this pill work?

Like other pills it contains two female hormones, estrogen and progesterone. Its 84 active birth control pills, taken continuously, once a day, followed by seven days of a placebo. The women who take seasonale, as it's called: would bleed once in winter, once in spring and once in summer and fall. And doctors say in fact, fewer periods used to be the norm anyway.

Dr. Tacoma McKnight, OB-GYN: "When you think about women in earlier times, they were pregnant or breast feeding, so they actually had fewer menstrual bleeds than we do today.

Barr Laboratories, which developed seasonale, admits that women who take it have more yearly hormone exposure compared to the conventional birth control pill. But researchers are confident that's not dangerous. And the woman on the street says this is freedom.