Osteoporosis Drug

Audrey Capy is an active 68-year-old. She power walks for 20 minutes everyday and she had severe osteoporosis which led to five fractures in her spine. Now a new drug that reverses bone loss has transformed her life and ended her suffering.

Audrey Capy -- Osteoporosis Sufferer: "Well the worst part was when I was lying on the floor in pain, and if I had to get up to go to the toilet I would scream in pain and that's how I was when I got out of bed in the morning. I couldn't sit, couldn't stand and couldn't walk."

One in three women develop osteoporosis after menopause and treatments such as H-R-T could only hold back the loss of bone. But the new drug is different because it stimulates the body to lay down new bone especially in crucial areas like the spine.

Professor Graham Russell: "It has been very successful in the major trial that was reported. It reduces fractures in the spine by up to 90 percent." Patients taking the drug will still need therapy and it is more expensive that other treatments but if it works it could save the K-H-S money in the long run.

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