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Copperheads congregate in one Ogden neighborhood

OGDEN, NC (WECT) - A scary snake situation!

Wildlife Handler Jimmy English has been called to Louise McNeely's house in the Ogden Park neighborhood twice.

Three weeks ago, we were there as he removed eleven copperheads from her backyard. Click here to see our first story on the copperheads.

Yesterday, he nabbed another six.

"It's like a snake jungle out there," said one neighbor.

"She's got her share of them and somebody else's too," English said. "I've seen three and four and five at a place. They're famous for hanging out in loose groups like that, copperheads. But I've never seen 17 before."

English isn't exactly sure why the snakes keep coming to the same spot.

He said it's mating season and that could be attracting them all to the same place.

Nearby construction could also be disturbing their habitat.

McNeely told us another reason her plush backyard is an oasis for the snakes is because the weather has been so dry – and she's been keeping her sprinklers on to keep her plants alive.

"I wanted my Garden of Eden," she said. "It has turned into Jurassic Park."

English says the snakes apparently made a den under an old dog house in the backyard. Now, McNeely plans to have it removed.

But that's not the only precaution she's taking.

"I went and bought all these silly mothballs and ‘Snake Away' just to help so I can at least let my dogs out," she said.

English said it's like nothing he's ever seen.

McNeely has five dogs and she is worried about their safety. She is hoping she's seen the last of the snakes.

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