Local body builder heads to professional tournament in Pennsylvania

Local woman in top body building competition in Pittsburgh

Reported by Bob Townsend – bio |email

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Muscular bodies are not exclusive for men. The sport of women's body building is relatively new, with most of the modern day competition having started in the early eighties.

This weekend, a Wilmington woman, who got started a few years ago in the sport of body building and this weekend, will be participating in one of the largest body building contests in the country.

Sherri Gray has always been pretty athletic, and concerned about staying healthy.  But it wasn't until a person at the gym where she works out suggested she compete in a body building event.  She tried it, and fell in love with it.

"I liked the transformation my body took, changing my diet and eating really clean, I felt better and got more self-confident too" Sherri told WECT's Bob Townsend.  "I felt and looked better."

It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to be a female bodybuilder or fitness professional, requiring hours to create their physique.  It's not just a sport; female muscle, women's fitness and female bodybuilding is a lifestyle.

One of those lifestyle changes involves the food that you eat.  Sherri says she eats eight meals a day, eats where she says a clean meals, food that the body can use as energy, like chicken, tuna, flank steak, along with egg whites, green beans, oatmeal and sweet potatoes.

But it also takes dedication and teamwork.  Sherri trains with Cord Ellison.

"Women have a disadvantage in some areas, men versus women" said Cord Ellison, Sherri's training partner at Gold's Gym.  "But as you can see with Sherry and some of the others, it is really about hard work, the dedication, the diet".  And he said "if you have those qualities and you can put that type of work in, you can achieve the results that he has received."

And this weekend is what all of Sherri's most recent training is all about.  Friday night, she will compete in the annual Teen, Collegiate and Masters Nationals in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with competition that will include hundreds of other body builders from across the country, plus Canada and Mexico.  If she wins in her division, thirty five and older, she would advance into the overall competition and get her pro card.  That could lead to a pro tour around the country.

"Just to win a pro show would be a dream, you are up against some great girls at that point" said Sherri.

And she stays focused on her ultimate goal, to have an award winning body for more competition.

"I'm going to keep going as long as I can" said Sherri.  "I really enjoy it, it keeps me focused, keeps me motivated, and I think it is a healthy sport."

Good luck to Sherri in the competition.  Monday, we hope to be able to let you know how she did in the Steel City.  And hopefully she will lose her amateur status and come back to Wilmington as a "professional body builder."

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