Does it Work? Sodastream

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – There's a product out there that promises to turn water into soda or just sparkling water.

Drinking fizzy water never looked so good, at least from the Sodastream commercials.  The machine promises to turn water into soda or any kind of sparkling water.

We wanted to test it for ourselves.  After all, you can buy the machine at stores like Macy's and Williams-Sonoma.  It took us a few minutes to figure out how it worked, but when once we put in the carbonator, we were ready to fizz.

We wanted to see how the Sodastream's version of Cola compared to the real thing.

"You know how your mouth is ready for Coca-Cola?  That's not Coke," said WECT anchor Frances Weller.

Frances was one of four people in our newsroom to participate in a blind taste test of Cola vs. Coke.  Everyone said the Cola fell flat.  Meteorologist Robb Ellis said he thought it would be better if we could get the carbonation right.

It seemed as if nothing beats the real thing, but maybe it was an unfair comparison to begin with.

We then asked viewer, Elli Klein, to test it out for us.  Elli said she loves seltzer water.

"If you can't have champagne every day, you can have seltzer," laughed Elli.

We tested a flavored water and a black current and pear flavored soda with Elli.

"It could use more fizz, but the raspberry is nice," said Elli.  It seemed we couldn't get the fizz right again, but this time, the taste was just fine.

"I like how you can adjust the level of flavor," said Elli.

But would she be willing to spend $150 for it?

"I definitely wouldn't," she said.

It works, but it might not work with her budget, at least right now.  Still, she said, it was a great experiment.  "It is fun," Elli said.  She thought it would be great for a party.

Sodastream claims to be cheaper and better for the environment in the long fun.  Sure, you have to make an investment in the beginning, but the company claims it will save you a lifetime worth of soda cans and 2-liters.  The company also claims it will eventually cost 25-cents per can of soda and 25-cents per liter of sparkling water.

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