See, Click, Fix: Viewers want busy road in Wilmington repaved

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - There are two posts on the See, Click, Fix site of that refer to poor conditions on Shipyard Boulevard.

One reads: "I see other DOT projects going on so why can't they repave Shipyard it sure can wear on your new tires."

Another reads: "I travel Shipyard Boulevard everyday to and from work. I noticed that Shipyard Boulevard was paved from Carolina Beach Road to the state ports,a and the Independence Boulevard intersection has been redesigned, so when is the rest of Shipyard going to be repaved? The cracks and dips, bumps and holes are really rattling my bones."

At least four other people have logged on and agreed they want this fixed.

According to the North Carolina Department of Transportation, Shipyard Boulevard will be repave but not anytime soon.

"The Department evaluates US 117 (Shipyard Blvd.) and all other paved State maintained roads in the county every two years. During the last Pavement Conditioning Survey the Department inspected the road for cracking, rutting, ride quality, number of patches among other deficiencies. The most recent survey was conducted in the winter of 2010. The conditional rating scale relationship is 0 to 100; worst to best. The section of roadway you refer to has an average conditional rating of 65. Other primary routes with in New Hanover County have a conditional rating of 50 or less and are currently programmed prior to US 117. The timetable for all roadway resurfacing is compared to the total county roadway sections in need. The sections of roadways included in a contract are determined based on the Pavement Condition Survey, average daily traffic and available funding. The tentative programmed fiscal year is 2013," said Gerard M. Taylor, County Maintenance Engineer, North Carolina Department of Transportation - Division of Highways.

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