See, Click, Fix: Drivers want dangerous intersection fixed

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC(WECT) - A post on the See, Click, Fix site on lists a problem with the intersection of Highway 133 and Daws Creek Road near Boiling Spring Lakes. Five people have said it's dangerous and they want it fixed.

Here is the complaint: Blind area to left and right traffic entering hwy 133 from Daws Creek Rd. Let's get a caution light to warn of oncoming traffic, please!

The North Carolina Department of Transportation was notified of the complaint and request but cannot fix the problem.

"I have reviewed this intersection again and found that there have not been any crashes since it was last reviewed in February 2010," said Katherine Hite, NC DOT Division Traffic Engineer.  "A site visit was made and the appropriate warning signs are in place for a side road.  Without a crash history showing that a flasher will improve the safety of this intersection, I am unable to recommend the installation of a flasher."

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